wheatgrass juice - this week's adventure

wheatgrass juice - this week's adventureThrough the year's, I've enjoyed a shot of wheatgrass juice from time to time.  I think it's always been out of town.  And probably been in either larger metropolitan areas or at least healthy spots of the world.

Well, fitting right in with some health and aging concerns lately, somehow I came up with the genius idea of growing it so that I could enjoy the potential health benefits on a regular basis.

It's really amazing just how these little organic wheat seeds want to grow.  I know NOTHING about growing anything.  Really haven't slowed down to do it.  I watched a couple of youtube videos on the subject, was given a few little discarded plastic plant trays with holes, purchased some seeds from the health food store, and almost instantly started sprouting.

Rinse the seeds, then soak them for 12 hours.

Rinse them 2 to 4 times a day for a couple of days.

Once the sprouts have grown up, and the little jar is fairly full;

Place them in a tray to grow.  Here you've gotta cover with a newspaper, keep moist, then uncover once the grass is up an inch or two.

There are a few little tricks, but it's all really so simple.  So far so good anyway.

Yesterday I finally gave the grass a haircut and we juiced some.  I LOVE THIS STUFF.  So sweet.  Really.

Linda uses the paint strainer to strain out the fiber part of the grass, just drinking the juice.  This is a great little trick that we use daily with our/my daily breakfast juice of:  kale, carrot, celery, ginger, and a little protein powder added in to the mix.

I seem to love taking things too far, or at least plenty far.  And I feel the juicing, live food, becoming more and more conscious of what I'm eating, health awakening.  We'll see.

Oh, the pick below shows my first attempt.  Sort of a hydraponic technique, just placing the seeds directly

on newspaper, adding a little liquid kelp as nutrition. Grow number 2 is presently using the time tested method of dirt.  I have $80 worth of wheatgrass and sprout supplies ordered which will use an organic, fibrous mat (instead of the newspaper or dirt), that should help eliminate contaminates into the process.

wheatgrass juice - this week's adventure



Robin Wade