walnut and maple slabs back home

walnut and maple slabsIt's been almost seven years since I started this little business.  Right from the start I realized that soucing these sustainable, american hardwood, thick, natural edge slabs was the first bottleneck.  This "product" that I was looking for just wasn't available on the market. 

Sure wonderful walnut lumber could easily be purchased.  Although expensive, it's a commodity product.  Quite easily accessable from most parts of the country.  But if you are looking for three or four inch thick walnut (or cherry or maple), then you add the natural edge spec to the pile of requirements, we had a problem right from the start. 

And, it took a couple of years to get the word out, find these logs, find sources for these logs, develop relationships with the small loggers and lumber companies all primarily within 60 miles of the studio.

Yesterday, we received one of our last 40' trailer truckloads of now kiln dry lumber that we began sourceing so long ago.  I think I can safely say that the original bottleneck has cleared, and we now have other fish to fry during this little self navigated (with no rules of charts) voyage.

Looks like we have one more truckload to receive next week and we'll have all our hardwood slabs back home, dry and safe.


walnut and maple slabs back home

Robin Wade