Do you believe Obama is a Muslim - Alabama survey

Do you believe Obama is a Muslim -  Alabama surveyDo you believe Obama is a Muslim -  Alabama survey

When Linda arrived to work this morning, she was laughing, telling me "You've gotta hear about this morning's NBC Alabama voter poll.  She went on to say that their (NBC's) poll revealed that 45% of Alabaman's believe that our President is a Muslim.  Linda said that even Chuck Todd, NBC's chief Whitehouse correspondent didn't believe the poll, and thought that Alabama residents were just pressing that button to get off the phone or??

So, I immediately moved into a judgement stance about the way Alabama is portrayed in the media.  Seems like only the rare, really idiotic stuff makes the national news and headlines. To disprove NBC's "idiotic" opinion poll, that clearly was wrong, at my favorite lunch spot, "The Rice Box" just a mile north of the University of North Alabama campus, I ran my own poll. 

I went around to every table and asked the question;  "Do you believe that President Obama is a Muslim?"

Several folks didn't want to answer, including a couple of police officers.  One said they thought he was not a Muslim, but added that he "is not a U.S. citizen".

So here's the results I obtained at lunch:

1)  Believe that President Obama is a Muslim    7

2)  Do not believe that President Obama is a Muslim   15

Let me also add that almost everyone seemed uncomfortable discussing it.  On both sides of the issue.  But the ones that did think President Obama to be a Muslim seemed really pissed about it.  Not only did they think he was a Muslim, they were really mad about it.

My conclusion:

Gosh, I live in my own little world.  I had no clue that I'd find these results.  And the truth of the matter is that I believe I may have biased the results toward the NO side.  I'm guessing that the young college crowd, and sushi and stir fry crowd might generally lean toward not believing this information.

Conclusion II:  I think it's subconscious, but I believe many of us in the South have learned not to discuss these types of issues because,

1)  No one is ever able to sway their friend's minds on the issue

2)  It only seems to piss everyone off.  These conversations can/will escalate to a point that isn't very comfortable.

This wasn't the first time I've been VERY wrong.  I doubt it'll be the last.  Just seems like a lot of issues need to be discussed around here.  Just not sure I've got the time, energy, patience, etc.  Actually I'm pretty sure I don't.  Any other suggestions?

Do you believe Obama is a Muslim -  Alabama survey

Robin Wade