Three things the Snapfish folks didn't tell us!

Three things the Snapfish folks didn't tell us!Three things Snapfish didn't tell us

When we received the invitation email from the Snapfish team, sharing that out of 90 million members we were one of their MVMs (most valuable members) and they wanted us (along with three others) to come to San Francisco for a visit, we were quite shocked. As a population, Californians seem to be the biggest fans of
my "slow furniture" line so far, and I jumped at this quite unexpected invite to connect.
Soon after responding that we'd be honored to attend, we received an itinerary with the bulk of our three-day stay mapped out—hour by hour. 
Although the Snapfish email went through a very detailed account of what to expect, there were three things they didn't mention.

1. Snapfish didn't tell us we'd be speaking to all 200 Snapfish employees on day one.  Clearly, when Gita Vaysburg, Snapfish' Customer Experience Marketing Manager, emailed the invite only a few weeks ago, she didn't want to scare us. And she probably would have had they spilled the beans of this meeting. So on the morning of day one, Barry (Herstein, Snapfish CMO) began easing us into what we'd be doing in just a few hours. It was Snapfish' annual townhall meeting, and their first annual MVM (most valuable members) thank you and the event was simulcast to their overseas offices.  

2.   Snapfish didn't tell us that the first half of day two would be nothing but hair and makeup—for all of us!  And the second half of day two was photo shoot.  

When traveling, I've  enjoyed fitting in with the locals. You know, kind of a "when in Rome" philosophy. But I never imagined taking it as far as "hair and makeup" while in San Francisco.   The Snapfish team did a great job dancing around getting my little camera-shy mind off the camera, and sort of making us all feel a little like rock stars or something - at least for a couple of hours.  When the shoot was done, Joey Soriano (Snapfish Loyalty Marketing Officer) and Gita (Vaysburg - Snapfish Customer Experience Marketing Manager) took us on a personal walking tour of SF.  We kinda split up.  Gita took the gals shopping, all except for Linda who joined Joey and mua for a insider's look at Chinatown.  Really fun.  We didn't have tIme to go to the hotel and wash up, so we ended up running around all over San Fran made up!!  Hoping it was a bit more like George Clooney than Rue Paul (at least for my part.  
Dinner was at Morton's.  We filled a downstairs private room and the pampering and catering to all/well most needs continued.  Kind of interesting how each wonderful meal we seemed to be hanging out with the same number of young, super smart internet startup types.  But each meal it seemed like there was a new batch.  Quite amazing just how intelligent and diverse this team is.  Each one with amazing expertise in various aspects of their niche.  At Morton's Linda and I were seated next and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Susan (Jit - Snapfish affiliate Marketing Mgr?).


3.   Snapfish didn't tell us that we'd be best friends with the entire Snapfish gang by the time they were done with us. Obviously we were off to a good start, since since we were all already bonker's over their incredible products and service. But it is quite amazing that after getting to know the team behind the Internet interface, that we MVMs were pretty much falling head-over-heals for them. Clearly they must have been on their best behavior, and maybe we didn't get to test all the programmers & engineers social graces, but I think I can speak for the entire group of MVMs in saying that we appreciate and respect the entire Snapfish team.  And it was really cool that we got to meet the guys that seem to direct this inspirational bunch;  Helen (Vaid - VP and General Manager) and work with Barry (Herstein - Chief Marketing Officer)

Three things the Snapfish folks didn't tell us!


Robin Wade