SF Farmer's Market Saturday

SF Farmer's Market SaturdaySF Farmer's Market Saturday

Saturday morning, Linda was enjoying the morning in bed, so I snuck out and walked down to the Ferry building for this amazing farmer's

market.  I love our local farmer's market here in Florence Alabama.  But I'm glad our's isn't in


competition with this one.  These guys take farmer's markets to the next level.  And, I'm afraid it's not just in San Francisco.  The entire state seems to excel at fresh produce, fresh baked goods, really healthy stuff, and some over the top tasty not so healthy stuff as well - including baked goods and pig parts, just to name a few.

Living in a town that you can get around so well by walking, bike or even skateboard is so cool, and healthy.  I met my new friend and urban planning student, Jaren Abedania there and got to visit for a bit.  A local SF native, living in Chinatown, graduate in architecture from Georgia Tech.  His interest in architecture, sustainability and urban planning is contageous.  We had lot's to talk about.  I had ton's of questions.  Lot's of fun before he had to rush off on his skateboard to take a train (maybe BART) somewhere.

Just as he was leaving, Linda arrived and we had a wonderful farmer's market lunch overlooking the Bay.

SF Farmer's Market Saturday







Robin Wade