Three way collaboration

Yesterday I took this pic of this super cool catalog stand that we are building for our American made, very "green" friends over at Shaw Living.  This piece will be comfortably housed in Shaw's beautiful Atlanta showroom for the upcoming market next month.  And, it's a great example of a super smooth collaboration effort that seems to have worked flawlessly between Shaw's showroom designer Kevin C, a healthy dose of nature's natural rotting efforts and mua'.

shawliving three way organic collaborationKevin dropped by  a few weeks ago for a tour of the studio and to pick out some slabs for the project.  I kept showing him walnut and cherry, and seemed to be drawn to these beautifully organic, somewhat "spoiled" oak slabs. 

And, now that it's all coming together, I have to say his instincts were spot on. This organic, three way collaboration worked, and now every time I see another of these "organic slabs" I'm looking for the perfect place for it.  I'll be sure to take more pics when the piece is completed.

Robin Wade