a collaboration with a few of god's little "artists"

Just like what must have been a mistake by first  vintners - with sour grapes, some of the most wonderful advances must have been derived from pure flukes and "mistakes".  Here's a simple example, that's quite close to home.

artist collaboration with wormsWe are a small shop.  Just like most, we have a lot to do with not enough time or folks to do it.  By completing every step of the furniture making process in house, starting with the log (with the exception of kiln drying) is more than a little time consuming.  And, it seems like the saw milling operation is the one that gets pushed back.  The result has been some beautiful, massive logs (in our parking log) have been all ready for milling for a few years.  But, just as untreated wood outdoors is supposed to do, it has been rotting and decaying.  And has been a thorn in my side many mornings as I drive past, seeing the decay, but without the time or man power to get back to it.


(I just took this pic this morning of some of the freshly revealed "collaborators" that have been hard at work here at RWF).

We recently, received another truckload of freshly kiln dried lumber.  Much of it had received the same (in)attention.  And, it is becoming some of our most saught after lumber.  It is quite amazing.  The added colors of the formation of the early rot process is nothing short of amazing.  And every once in a while a few or god's artists -worms - "collaborate" on the project as you see here.

On the other hand, there is a fine line between beautiful early rot, and total loss of structural integrity.

If you or your client is looking for a truely one of a kind piece for your home, we have a fresh shipment of locally sourced naturally "aged" oak slabs to choose from.

Next, I'll post a pic of a piece that's presently in the works that's made from one of these slabs.

Robin Wade