oak timber slabs just arrived

massive oak timber slabsOak Timber Slabs

For anyone that likes wood as much as we do, it's beginning to feel a little like Christmas around here.  After years of planning, sawmilling, stacking, air drying, these beauties just completed their final cure in the kiln and just arrived back at the studio.

Can't wait to get 'em in the studio and start planing a few down to see just what we have inside the beautiful wrappings and bows.  Now all I need is some mistle toe and cider.  -- Yikes - did I say that?

Most of these are way oversized and won't fit in our inside planer.  So, just like the earlier processes, this next step is going to take some time.  We will have to plane them outside, where the width limitation is a whopping 60".  And typically only come complete (the planing process) of three or four a day.

Stay tuned for all the action.  I'll try to get some pics as the progress.

oak timber slabs

Robin Wade