Steve Jobs - "it just works" WWDC SF

steve jobs, it just works, wwdc sfIf you weren't able to get out to SF for another WWDC event lead by (seemingly) master of all things cool, tech, business etc, the stream is now available.  And if you are an avid Apple/Steve Jobs fan as I am, it's more than worth the effort.  Even though Steve's been on health leave with all kinds of problems (including a liver transplant), looks like he (seemingly barely) and Apple computer continue to be ticking along.  I've always felt that Steve's computer interface was a work of art, and this art just keeps getting better.  So many great new features, but I think the new auto-backup (forgot the name) might be my fave. 

If you work with computers, you have experienced losing files and wondering just why you couldn't hit the command S keys!  Looks like never again.  It's using the technology, or at least the principle of Apple's Time Machine auto back up hard drive and software.

The "cloud's" been discussed for years.  Looks like Steve wanted to make sure he got it right, and it looks like he did.  He's got this massive futuristic looking data center somewhere in North Carolina just full of massive servers.  Really unbelievable.

Just the way the "cloud" will automatically sync all info on all of your devices is quite amazing.  Make a change on any of them, and the data gets pushed to the cloud, and then immediately pushed back down to each of your devices.  Totally transparently. 

So many more cool things with Lion and Ios5, but I've got to get back to work with this rinky dink old Macbook with osx 10.6.7

Hang in there Steve!  You are just getting better!

Robin Wade