Cique de Soleil, Love, Beatles & Las Vegas

For Vegas to be so far down on my list of places to visit (or visit again), it can be tons of fun.  This Cirque de Solel Beatles show was - well - mind blowing.  My best analogy might be an amazing acid trip - or dream.  Obviously the Beatles had it going.  And the combination of Cirque and the cool '60's Beatles vibe was awesome (can't really come up with the word here).  Cirque's creativity - off the charts.  They seem to have smashed to pieces music, dance, circus, and the human spirit, blended it all up, and have come up with what has to be the best show I've experienced.  I was hoping to get a little video from my Iphone, but they were serious about now pics, with security all around.  The pic to the left is of the Beatles' Revolution Bar, just outside the Cirque stage - also very cool.  This show alone is more than enough justification to visit Las Vegas again.  And, that's quite something for a guy that has spent decades despising places like Las Vegas.

Robin Wade