Christopher Guy in Las Vegas

I took several pics in Vegas, and I'm trying to get caught up and blog a couple more of them today, before it's even older news than it is now (a week later).  So designer Christopher Guy was the headline speaker at this Winter's World Market event.  I happened to walk by, saw the crowd and slide show going with standing room only, so I snuck in and stood for that remaining 20 minutes or so of his presentation.  I think I must have been the only one in the room that didn't know his work intimately.  But then again, I kinda just do my own thing down here.  But, I did leave the presentation quite impressed.  He has kindof a British accent, but lives in Singapore.  He showed a slide of his studio overlooking that very cool, quite new building (in Singapore) - well seems like it's three very tall skyscrapers, with a rooftop oval deck placed over all three.  I've seen this over the top architecture somewhere recently while it was under construction, but obviously it's now completed.  Quite impressive.  Oh gosh, my ADD kicked in and I've taken you right out of Christophers studio, into a building that I'm not sure he had anything to do with.  Sorry about that. 

Oh, one more interesting thing.  At the last High Point Market, we were setting up the day before the show in the A&DC building, and there was a crowd around the computer in the entry.  They were playing some kind of marketing video of Christopher Guy (company).  Very cool, black and white, had a bunch of good looking models, running around hall ways, in and out of rooms, but the really weird part, was near the end they lead a horse!? out of a room, thru the hall.  Really interesting video.  He's gotta have some pro directing this thing.

Ok now, back to the Christopher Guy talk.  Interesting, Enjoyable, Seemed to be a nice guy.  I guess that's it.  If you know more about Christopher Guy, (and I'm pretty sure all you designers do, please share.

Robin Wade