Las Vegas Market

The semi annual Las Vegas (Furnishings) Market was last week.  Although I've been to Vegas several times through the years, this was my first peek at their Market. 

To begin with, let me say that I started out with a couple of fairly strong biases.  First of all, I absolutely love High Point (the city) and neighboring Greensboro, High Point (the Market), and Las Vegas has never been anything but a place to exhibit or attend seminars, conferences.  I've never just flown to Vegas for fun, and would be surprised if I ever do.  I don't gamble.  Don't drink anymore.  But surprisingly, there is a good bit even for me to like in Vegas (following blog posts if I can get to them).

The World Market Center is quite impressive.  Three nice new modern buildings, each 10 to 20 (I think??) floors.  And I really like the quite cool, very modern archetecture and general design.  Nice courtyard between the three buildings, and if it ever rained in Vegas (does it??) there are walkways between the buildings.

This World Market Center was conceived, designed and built during the national construction boom.  There were planned several additional buildings, planned for this development, that, at some future date, when things turn around (no time soon is my guess) they could complete the project.

I've always been one that likes to know my options.  And this was the reason for this trip.  Just to scout it out, and see if it's a viable alternative for us to High Point.  My general conclusion - not now, but I won't say never.  The Vegas Market didn't "seem" to have the number of buyers walking the show as High Point.  And, talking with exhibitors, most of the buyers weren't "serious".  Many of them arrived with a priority for the show, but it didn't seem to be furniture.  More in the gambling, gaming, other types of entertainment, perhaps. 

There certainly was a higher percentage of buyers  from the west coast.  Which, at some future date, might be a market that we want to/have the capacity to market to.  But for now, I couldn't be more thrilled with the High Point Market. 

I've got a few pics I'll try to post over the weekend.

Robin Wade