Operation Migration in Russellville

operation migration in Russellville

Operation Migration in Russellville

It was a beautiful Thursday, our first day off since Christmas eve, and we packed up the kids (pups) and headed due South for a meeting in Phil Campbell. 

On the way back, we couldn't help but stop by and check on our new friends/mentors with Operation Migration - who have been landlocked for almost a month, due to weather, and now possibly Holiday/Family responsibilities.  I was hoping to take them to one of our favorite North Alabama dives that are both right down the road in Russellville - for lunch.

No one (or even bird) was in sight.  The small airport was wide open - but no0one home.  As you can see from the pics, I trekked / snooped around at first looking for our friends, then hoping to "meet" the most special guests.  The young whooping cranes in route from Michigan?? to Florida.  I somehow thought I knew where the birds might be housed and walked down the empty tarmac their way.  Unfortunately, the door to a large metal building was locked.  I didn't knock - not wanting to scare them.  No whooping, or any other sign of them.

These guys have quite a setup.  They seemingly ride in comfort and style.  Several nice vans, motor homes, also a motorcycle, a kayak, a bike (all of which seem mandatory to me- really) satellite (tv or internet??) and not one but two ultra light air planes (is that still what they are called??).

I just love what these guys are all about.  I want to learn more, take notes, and see how I can become more involved.  Sorry I missed you guys.  Safe travels, and Godspeed. 

Operation Migration in Russellville

Robin Wade