FoxBusiness Spotlight's our SuperNatural work

FoxBusiness Spotlight's our SuperNatural work

We got a call from Kathryn Tuggle, a super nice Fox Business reporter a couple of weeks ago.  She surprised us in a couple of ways.  One, that if we could move quick, and get her a product shot, she had a place for us in her spotlight of a few luxury, American Made products in Lux in the Heartland.  Since these are two of my favorite conversations I was certainly game.

The other surprise was that she's been following the blog for a while, and really seemed to know us.  This probably should come as such a surprise since I've been a fairly regular blogger for several years, but it was.  I don't receive regular feedback, and begin to wonder if anyone's out there. 

I was just looking over our website analytics and it is rewarding to see that all the numbers are growing at quite a clip now.  The graph bars are kinda shooting toward the sky.  After several years of slow deliberate website growth, it's great to see it accelerating.  And I have to feel that a spotlight with FoxBusiness has to be a good thing.  Thank you Kathryn!  Please stop by anytime. And don't be a stranger!

FoxBusiness Kathryn Tuggle's Lux in the Heartland

Robin Wade