idiot of the week

Idiot of the week, robin wadeidiot of the week

I've got several blog posts to catch up on today, before the new year begins.  So here goes:

I just can't "reveal" all the idiotic things that I seem to regularly perform.  Maybe it's something about nearing the end of the Mayan calendar.  But I just downloaded from my Iphone some good stuff, that I will be posting shortly.  Had to share this one.  Idiot here, was in Russellville checking on our new friends with Operation Migration.  It was an amazing morning.  The skies were clear, sun was brilliant. . .  And the reflection on the iphone prevented me from having any view of the image on the lcd.  I must have hit the wrong button, because I've got a dozen or so pics of Idiot taking pics of himself-obviously by accident. 

Every onece in a while I'm a brilliant photographer.  Last week, hopefully briefly, I was a brilliant idiot.

idiot of the week

Robin Wade