Wake up sleepy head! We have a Daily Deal Today!

Wake up sleepy head!  We have a Daily Deal Today!Wake up sleepy head!  We have a Daily Deal Today!

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Wake up sleepy head! Let's see who's had their coffee this morning! Today's Monday, December 12, Daily Deal is our

Solid Walnut 40" bench, regularly $900.  We made ten of these just for this sale so that we could offer you an amazing deal! Today, the first bench sold will be priced at $100, the second at $200, the third at $300, and the fourth at $400.  The remaining six 40" Solid Walnut benches will be sold for $500 each (remember they are normally $900!).

Just like most of our furniture, this little bench is crafted of solid, locally harvested wood. We started with the walnut log, "flitch cut" it into slabs, debark the edges with a draw knife, and stack it to dry for a few years. Once the lumber is air dry, then kiln dryed, we design each piece into a functional work of art. Each one has a hand rubbed oil finish—no stain. All the amazing colors of the bench are the natural colors of the walnut tree. Oh, and one more thing you might notice: They are exhibiting "honest" fabricating techniques. Because of the substantial weight of the legs, we use massive 6-inch-long timberframe screws to attach them. And, as we've been doing lately, we aren't hiding these beautiful screws. They are there, we are proud of them, and we aren't going to try and keep them under wraps. Be sure to let us know what you think.

Wake up sleepy head!  We have a Daily Deal Today!

Robin Wade