Friday's Daily Deal SOLD THURSDAY

Friday's Daily Deal sold ThursdayFriday's Daily Deal SOLD THURSDAY

Oops, planning our Holiday sale, it didn't occur that we'd get almost immediate response and orders.  To begin with, sorry about Selling the Friday's Deal on Thursday.  We all just got excited and in the spirit, and it just happened.

That shouldn't happen again, because I'll try to make a point of not announcing the Daily Deal until "the day", ok.  But also, keep in mind that like most of our furniture, these are one of a kind, and we only have one.  So, just to clarify, the Daily Deal is for only one table.  So, if you want to take advantage of it, you'll need to move faster than I am this morning.

One more thing;  To make up for the mix-up yesterday, we are going to announce a second Daily Deal today.  It'll be sometime today, and announced right here.  So, just check back often.

Friday's Daily Deal SOLD THURSDAY

Robin Wade