No Raft Race Aloha shirts - first shipment

Just received the first shipment of almost vintage "No Raft Race" aloha shirts today.  Folks pre-ordered, and the only one left I'm keeping!  The first 50 were $10 bucks each or 3 for $20.  Why so cheap? 

1)  We aren't in the shirt business.  we're not making a profit on these shirts.  We're promoting something we are passionate about.

2)  The shirts are NOT new.  They are really cool "recycled?" aloha shirts straight from Honolulu.  So be sure to check out the shirt before you buy.

3)  Maybe I'm crazy. . .

If you are on-board.  If you are as passionate as we are about NO RAFT RACE, Saturday July 19, 2014, about a quarter to nine, be sure to stop by our space during this next First Friday (downtown florence - court street), June 6. 

Help us get the word out.  We'll have No Raft Race branded Aloha shirts, t-shirts, bumper stickers, and - believe it or not tattoos! 

Oh, don't forget, just because there's no official raft race this year, it doesn't mean we can't have a blast and play in the creek.  The first Saturday of the Handy Music Fest, we'll be launching the first ever Wildwood Creek Festival.  Acoustics IN the creek.  For more info, be sure to see our (RWF) space First Friday, downtown court street, June 6.

Robin Wade