No Raft Race

I know there's been confusion about the raft race.  Is it coming back?  After 29 year's of no Raft Race, are we going to have it this year?  What are the rules?  What kind of raft do I make?  Can I paddle a Kayak or canoe?  What is the entry fee?  And the biggee - What do I get if I win?

Now that Cypress Creek is safe to paddle again (thanks to the city spending 2mil on rebuilding/routing the water from the "damn weir" they built in 1980, I want to promote the creek and get folks back in it again.

No Raft Race

Unfortunately, there will be no Great Cypress Creek Raft Race this year.  I am launching the first annual "Wildwood Creek Festival" on the first Saturday of Handy, 11am to 3pm on (or should I say "in" Cypress Creek - at or quite near Wildwood Park (details being worked now).  - More on this later.

But for the Raft Race.  Nope, not this year.  But here's a little tip.  Next summer 2015, will be the 30th anniversary of the last raft race (1985).  Seems like a good time to dust off the paddles and innertubes, and raft design schemes, and "do it".  But for now, no confirmation.

One more tip;  When I passed out the stickers and notices that we were having no raft race this summer, several old timers, and more younger generation, didn't seem to be taking no (raft race) as an answer.  Saying they would paddle the creek when they wanted.  Really, that's fine by me, but again, for the official - Great Cypress Creek Raft Race - it will NOT be happening on July 19, 2014.  -- And unfortunately, i probably won't be able to even paddle the creek on that day.  Will probably be up to my waders in "Acoustics IN the Creek" at the first annual Wildwood Creek Fest".  July 19, Cypress Creek, Florence Al, 11a to 3p.

Robin Wade