This dyslexic blogger will be getting some help

dyslexic blogger

For several years now I've (RW) been the only blogger here.  It's kinda like backing my truck with my 20' trailer, no one else around here wants to do it.  This year seems to be bringing on many new/interesting events here and in my life.  And obtaining some help here with the blog is another really good one.

Don't get me wrong here.  I love dyslexics.  Usually when I run into one, it's quite interesting.  It's either a party because we totally get and understand each other so well or, it can be quite - well difficult. But I'm pretty sure that adding a few non-dyslexic bloggers here will improve the bouquet. 

I totally plan to continue posting updates to this blog.   I have found several mostly students that share common interests and would like to share.  These interests might be quite a bit more diverse than you've been seeing.  Not just what's cooking in the back of our slow studio. 

The content might include subjects that I'm currently intrigued by, and wanting to learn more, or wanting to share what we have learned.  Some of these subjects, in addition to beautiful modern furniture include:  many aspects of sustainability, new age educational programs, health and nutrition including the slow food movement, juicing, raw food diet, the best of the south, the mix of business and philanthropy, and internet marketing. 

Our first guest post might be falling a bit further than I had planned, but there really aren't many rules here, and it's about a subject that has intrigued me for decades.  The Green Flash, fact or fiction.  Hope you enjoy our first guest post as much as I did.

Dyslexic blogger


Robin Wade