Alabama boy's first visit to an acupuncturist

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Yesterday was my first visit to an Acupuncture clinic, and I'm quite surprised at my impressions.  Being a long time open minded skeptic, I've always tried to listen to most viewpoints, but usually have to have first hand proof before I become a believer.

Well, can't say I'm a believer yet, but I FEEL like I'm headed that way.  Let met note first, that there might be a tinge of bias.  You see, Linda and I first met Dr. Ly and his wife Catherine back in the late 70's when I returned to Florence Alabama after college.  They opened what I believe was the first Chinese restaurant in our area.  And it was really good.  Catherine ran it, and I believe Dr. Ly and possibly his Dad and others in the family, ran the clinic. But eventually they sold the restaurant, I believe Catherine also became an Acupuncturist, and I don't remember them in the past couple of decades.

Certainly an interesting place.  Way back in the country in Muscle Shoals.  Their office is a home overlooking a beautiful slough of the Tennessee River (not sure which slough right off?).  As I walked in, there was one wall full of little jars of Chinese herbs.  Quite intriguing.  Then there were several office assistants, nurses?, and patients checking in, checking out, all quite doctor office like.  (no opium wafting through, but there was some calming Chinese music coming from somewhere).

Three pages of application to fill out, just like your first visit to a traditional doc.  I was lead to a room, and asked to remove all clothing except my underwear and to lay down on my back awaiting Dr. LY.  As the young gal was leaving the room, I repeated the directions back to her, not wanting to startle them or myself just in case I missed something!  And she said I could cover my private parts (my word) with a paper towel kinda thing, if I was shy.

I followed orders, layed down, placed the paper towel over my brief covered privates and awaited their return.  Dr. Ly and his assistant soon returned, and he immediately removed the paper towel saying this wouldn't be necessary.

So he started placing needles around my body.  Asking which of two areas were more sensitive.  Eventually adding electrical stimulation to four needles - I believe - lower leg and lover liver area??

I was given a B-12 shot.  Diet was discussed.  Two bottles of Chinese herbs, and one bottle of b-12 (i've gotta confirm this one) were prescribed for before and after meals.  And that was pretty much it.

Dr. Ly suggested that I return Monday morning for another visit, which I plan to do.

Here's the surprise;  I felt great driving back across the river heading home.  Was that the b-12?  Or the acupuncture, or placebo?  Honestly I don't know.  I still feel great.  I've never received immediate results from a doctor's visit like this. 

But, I really wasn't visiting the acupuncturist just to feel great (but what an amazing side effect!).  I was there in an attempt to resolve two problems that traditional medicine hasn't been able to cure.  The first is a fatty liver.  I quite drinking six years ago, and it's much better now.  But the liver enzymes continue to erratic even with regular drugs for it.  The second issue I'm visiting for is a long story of it's own.  Well, in the 4th grade next door neighbor Nancy Hamlin tackled me in a neighborhood football game.  No one that has known her since puberty would believe it, but she was the best lineman and tackle in the neighborhood (and all that girth was helpful).  Well she grinded me into the Mussleman's front lawn, actually plunging my knee into the ground, and into a piece of flint, cutting almost completely through the top of the tendon near the top of my tibia.  Well, 40 years later, we've just figured out why my knee has given me fits all these years.  MRSA in the tibia.

Ok, I got side tracked there.  So, #2 problem I'm hoping to resolve is an attempt to build the immune system up to where it might be able to overcome this MRSA, which traditional medicine and Vancomiacin hasn't been able to.

I would say that this is a pretty darn good test for acupuncture.   I really don't think a placebo is going to fix these two alone.  If Dr. Ly and his needles and his herbal remedies cure these two, this skeptic will be a believer.  For now, I'm feeling great.


Alabama boy's first visit to an acupuncturist

Robin Wade