Planing Oak Slabs this week

planing oak slabs this weekAnother amazingly beautiful winter week we enjoyed here in North Alabama.

Storms were arriving while sleeping, and most mornings we were awaking to beautiful, clear, warm weather.

I don't know about global warming (although I do have some strong guesses), but Alabama has been enjoying a nice "warming" this winter.

Any slabs over 20" can't be planed inside with our helical planer.  So we take advantage of all this great winter "warming" to do some outdoor work when it's comfy. 

Looking inside a tree, one slice at a time, is my version of a ct scan.  We really have no clue as to the health of a tree (or body) until we take a look (or digital peak) inside.

This beautiful oak must have received tremendous stress of some kind.  These wondrous caverns are quite amazing.  Obvious to a lumber-mill, this log would be used for pulp at best.  I don't know what we'll do with it, but my first thought is it might be more suited for a museum.

Well, after a couple of years of air drying, it's back "home", has now been planed square (for the most part), and I look forward following it's path from here.

Planing Oak Slabs this week

Robin Wade