Florence Goes Green

I've been noticing this billboard on the way to work each morning.  It's wonderful to see our city leaning toward/interested in their green efforts.

My optimistic side is pumped.  So cool for the city to be thinking this direction.  Just like probably all cities, Florence has sinned.  Their awareness of the direction and the color to strive for is beautiful.

Florence Goes GreenMy pessimistic side is being xxxxx as I type.  Our dear council continues to be at a stand still on whether to continue using the existing landfill, which is:

•  Only two miles from Historic Downtown Florence.

•  Proven to be pouring toxics into Cypress Creek.

•  Destroying our most precious/most beautiful natural resource.

Florence Goes Green. 

Jeez!  Florence has a ways to go.  I applaud every single effort.  Baby steps will get us there.  Lets all support every effort - certainly including this upcoming Cleanup effort.

Florence Goes Green


Robin Wade