Stopped back by Frank's for needed inspiration

Stopped back by Frank Lloyd Wright home for needed inspiration      

We've been designing/building three pieces for the 2012 New American Home showhouse in Winter Park Florida.  The coffee table is complete and looking great.  The top to the dining table is quite unique and complete as well.  I thought I had the legs all ready, that is until I placed them under the table.  They looked great, but just a little too organic for this modern home. 

So, I stopped back by the beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright/Rosenbaum museum home just down the street for a little more inspiration for this project.  And I think it did the trick. 

In addition to finding a new direction for the legs of the dining table, I also came away with just how much of a wooden boat this beautiful example of Unisonian design ebbs (and also flows).  Low ceilings, narrow hallways, narrow doors, and small rooms all make it seem quite boaty.  But a wonderful boaty at that.

Robin Wade