OWN (Oprah Network) crew in town this weekend

OWN (Oprah Network) crew in town this weekend

OWN Oprah Network crew in town this weekend 


Now this one might be hard to believe.  But it's true.  This weekend (Brooklyn) Phil Campbell flew back to Phil Campbell (through Birmingham) to begin chapter II of his fund raising efforts for the town.  And, a couple of ABC produces, a reporter, and a video crew met him for a weekend of interviews/video, and whatever they do to prepare for an 8 to 12 minute segment on Oprah's new network.

I originally met Phil briefly, along with the Mayor of Phil Campbell, and more than a dozen other Phil Campbell's from around the world,  at the 100 year anniversary/celebration the small town of Phil Campbell had that was held soon after the devastating tornado.

I was so impressed with the efforts of these "Phil Campbell's" from around the world that arrived to their namesake town that so desparately needed their help, that I offered (to Phil and Mayor Jerry Mays) to make a table (from a downed tree from the storm) to be used in their fund raising efforts.

Well, I didn't hear back from them, and I got back to work, and pretty much forgot about it all.  But then, a few months ago, "Brooklyn" Phil Campbell reached out, and said that if I was still interested in donating a custom table, he thought it would significantly help the promotion and fund raising efforts.  Well, I wasn't kidding.  I was in.

Then, when I first heard about Oprah wanting to video and air the story - well, let me say I didn't go running to the bank.  But this weekend it really did happen.  At least the video/reporter/producer part of it all.  And it does seem like they have every intention of airing this thing.  --  Amazing really.  Because looking round the town;  It has been cleaned up significantly.  Much of the debris has been cleaned up.  Lot's of trees hauled off.  But clearly, no where near back on their feet.  It's really sad.  Everywhere you look you see buildings/schools/ what looks like nothing but problems.  And the high school is just sitting there.  Seems to be some problem with the insurance company wanting to rebuild, and engineers saying no way. 

Even if Phil Campbell had all the money they need to rebuild, (and they don't!) it would take years to get somewhere near "normal" again.

OWN (Oprah Network) crew in town this weekend

Robin Wade