Ran down to Phil Campbell this morning

phil campbell alabama devastated treeRan down to Phil Campbell this morning

In advance of next weekend's Oprah (producer) & Brooklyn Phil Cambell's visit to Phil Campbell Alabama - who will be here to video a short segment for her (Oprah Network show), I met with local videographer Andrew Reed.  We confirmed what Phil Campbell Police chief Chief Merrill Potter information regarding an alleged tornado killed tree just across from City Hall.  This big ole oak, which is still standing, lost it's entire limb structure. 

I've been wanting to build a piece of furniture from a downed tree (from the tornado), to help the "I'm with Phil"

campaign in bringing support and funds to try to rebuild this desperate city.It's really amazing what "Brooklyn Phil" Campbell and all the Phil Campbell's have done to raise awareness to this local community.  I'm honored and look forward to helping out in this small way.

Above, videographer Andrew Reed interviews the selected devasted tree.

Ran down to Phil Campbell this morning

Robin Wade