It's all Cuban @ Puerto Sagua Miami Beach

It's all Cuban @ Puerto Sagua Miami Beach

Although I only seem to get down to Miami a few times each decade - I'm afraid I have been around a while.  And, in addition to one of Linda's favorite restaurants anywhere (Joe's Stone Crabs - which is only open the winter season that hasn't begun), I usually enjoy eating (notice I didn't say dining) at one of the old, 1940's Cuban spots that are still around.  Last visit to Miami it was the Versailles.  I don't remember exactly where it was, but it was off the beaten path - and nowhere near Miami Beach.  fyi:  it is quite awesome as well.

Now Puerto Sagua might be a bit more of a sticky table and real dive feel, but this place is going to be hard to beat.  The day's special was the roast chicken with fried plantain, rice  and "real" cuban black beans.  The roast chicken was so good.  Must have had some lemon in the wonderful marinade.  LOVE the fried plantains.  - Good thing we can't get them up here.  But the beans (not quite in the picture) are just amazing.  I just spooned them over the rice, and went to town.  Puerto Sagua, although quite a bit more of a dive, is every bit as good as the famous Versailles, and it right there on South Beach (700 block, just behind our Hotel-that was also really great - The old 1940's Beacon - right on Ocean Drive.

Again, it's a total dive, but just my kind of dive!

It's all Cuban @ Puerto Sagua Miami

Below is another Cuban specialty, the Café con leche, or "coffee with milk", which is a Cuban espresso served alongside a cup of steamed milk.  These Cuban's seem to love their coffee even more than we do!  There are walkup windows throughout South Beach where you can order a cuban coffee (or sandwich) 24hours a day.

Just as a side note.  I've been wanting to get down to Cuba of quite a while.  Gosh, around a decade ago, i went to the trouble of sailing my 33 Pearson down to St. Petersburg (FL), planning to join the Sailboat regatta that had been racing from St Pete to Marina Hemingway (Cuba) for a few years.  It seemed to be a working work around the US laws that have been prohibiting US citizens from "spending money in Cuba".  We paid an entry fee (to the regatta management), they in turn made arrangements for dockage, food, and fuel - that was included in the entry fee.  Well, luck would have it, that, with my boat sitting at the marina in St Pete, only a couple of weeks before the race, we received notice from immigrations of a cease and decist order regarding the race.

So, so far at least, as far as I gotten to Cuba has been a boat in St Pete marina, a few visits to Key West, and this visit to Puerto Sagua in Miami Beach.

Should I ever get over there for a little visit, I'll be sure to take pics and let you know if the real Cuban food is as good as this amazing Cuban food in Miami.

Robin Wade