I didn't know - alabama boy running Apple computer??

alabama boy tim cookI'm usually the last to know, but here's another biggee that I was clueless about.  Tim Cook, from Orange Beach Alabama, seems to the be running Apple Computer.  Well, as COO, I guess he's working directly under Master of all things cool, Steve Jobs.  But during Steve's medical leave, it looks like Tim's been at the helm.

I've been having problems mith my Mac lately.  Sent it in for repair a few weeks ago.  They didn't find the problem.  It just froze up on me again this weekend, so I took it to the closest Apple store for repair.  They were able to fix it over night, so I returned to Huntsville again Sunday.  Ends up the little receptacle that the mag safe adaptor fits in was pretty fried.  All is working now.  Whew.

All that to say that during the Saturday trip, I had time to visit a bunch of sites that I typically don't have time for.  Linda drove, and I was able to use the Ipad2's 3g features to browse the web and have fun.  I was even able to catch Tim's talk at the Auburn commencement ceremony last year.  Those are typically such boring speeches, but this one was quite amazing.  He talked about using your engineering/business brain to prepare yourself for the future.  AND to use your intuition to make the most important decisions of your life.  He said he would have never made the decision to come to Apple computer if he used the methodical, rational side of his brain.  Very interesting.

Robin Wade