apple computer proposed campus

Apple's proposed campus

apples proposed campusLooks like Steve's not done yet.  This weekend, on the way to the Apple store for cpu repair, I enjoyed hearing Steve sharing his new campus vision with the Cupertino council.  If he pulls it off, it may just be the largest, and most amazing, and most beautiful, and maybe even greenest (as in sustainable) office building in the world. 

The plan will be to house 13,000 employees in one building.  This is in addition to their nearby existing complex at one infinite loop (which is where we mailed montly checks way back when we were in the computer business).

Parking undergound, only using the grid as backup power (so cool), and he hired Stanford's top arborist to plan all the green spaces at Apple's proposed campus

Steve just isn't looking so good lately.  I hope he's able to hang around long enough to see this one.  - Me too!

Apple's proposed campus


Robin Wade