amazing table featured on cover of may's Architectural Digest

may architectural digest coverI love just about everything about this room that's featured on the cover of Architectural Digest this month.  To begin with, it features an amazing Minguren walnut table made by the master George Nakashima.  Absolutely beautiful.  But what I appreciate is how architect Mark Ferguson and interior designer Delphine Krakoff have featured this amazing piece along with an eclectic beautiful mix. 

It clearly is not my personal style, which lately I've been calling new age mid century modern, but it works so well.  There's walnut and sycamore.  There are Arbus arm chairs, Holly Hunt fabrics.  There's Louis XIV and art deco, and so much more.  Wonderful example of just another way to showcase a wonderful natural, American made, (and let's not forget sustainable) "work of art" in a beautiful setting. 

Robin Wade