making two natural walnut timber tables

natural walnut timber tables

With less than a month before the High Point Spring Market, we are scampering around doing almost nothing that doesn't involve the show.  This will be our first showing in what I believe to be the best wholesale furniture location in the world, IHFC InterHall, and we are hoping to make a splash.  The space is a little on the little side, and it feels important to get it right. 

After marking off the booth space in our studio, it's apparent that most of our FULL sized furniture just won't fit.  So we are making a few smaller than normal pieces for the show.  Here we are using our panel saw to cut a matching pair of natural walnut timber tables.  Although I haven't measured the thickness yet, these little ones must be in the 6" thick range.  They should be finished and ready for pics by the end of next week.

solid walnut low table

Robin Wade