thank you steve jobs

thank you steve jobsIt was great seeing the great Steve Jobs last night (on the news).  Back doing what he seems to do best - showing off/selling his latest creation (or recreation).  Looking so frail, it has to make you wonder if this might be his last presentation, and just how Apple will transition without it's creator.

I've been a Steve Job's fan since purchasing his first Mac in '84 - gosh has it been 27 hears!  Steve's combination of out of this world creativity, business acumen, attention to detail, and acceptance for nothing (or very little) short of excellence is impressive.  Thank you Steve for the wonderful products, but even more for being an amazing role model.

I hadn't been interested in the Ipad previously, but after seeing his presentation, it seems like the perfect way to display our creativity at the next trade show (if it's available in time).

Robin Wade