print media and mountain laurel

mountain laurelSeven days till we depart for High Point's Spring market, and I haven't completed the art for the press kits or handouts.  Yikes!  Been pretty much dug in all weekend with one objective; to complete this project.  Well, the weather's been awesome and I keep sneaking out.  Spent the morning at the lake.  Today's the first day of spring, and it feel's like mid summer.  Hallelujah!  But, it's 2:41 pm, and it doesn't look like anyone's going to offer a miracle today. 

I'll catch up on a couple of blog posts and try to "get my mind right".  I love using all these wonderfully creative computer tools (photoshop, iphoto, digital cameras, Illustrator, etc, etc) to create marketing pieces, but with the turn in the weather (and a very cold winter, I feel like I've been sent to my room till I complete my homework!  Oh, here's a pic of what is probably my favorite flowering plant, the mountain laurel.  It seems to thrive on our northern banks overlooking cypress creek.  I'll try to remember to take and post a pic of the flowering part that should take place before long.

Robin Wade