Does the "slow studio" need to slow down?

I vote yes.  Preparing our babies for market is always interesting.  The last few weeks before a show, I always get a little nervous.  We all start running around, somewhere near a frantic state, thinking nothing's good enough.  And this show, unfortunately, is no exception.  We've got 6 working days left before we pack the trailer for High Point, and I'm nowhere near ready.  I haven't ordered the handouts (or even designed them yet), some samples are still in process (just getting started on a small walnut couch this morning).  Half of of the display pieces haven't been finished(as in hand rubbed oil finish), and the remainder of the pieces (that are finished) probably need one more scuff of steel wool and a final coat of oil.

Will I ever become more confident, and be happy with our product, and be calm (and slow) before a show?  My guess is no.  But they say awareness is the first step toward something.  So maybe I am getting there.  Pictured are two samples from a new line that we'll be showcasing at Market.  We just need to sand these down a bit, and apply a few coats of oil before they will be ready.  I'd stay and chat, but I've gotta get back to running around in circles for a while.

Robin Wade