Robin Wade Furniture would obviously make a stunning addition to your home or design project, but there are other, economic and environmentally conscious, reasons to choose a walnut dining table, a cherry bench, or other organic furniture pieces from this southern wood artist. 

The Robin Wade production process is extremely environmentally sensitive. There is no shipping, trucking, or harvesting of lumber. Each piece of Robin Wade furniture begins as a hardwood tree not far from the RWF Slow Studio in Florence, Alabama. Wade is extremely conscious of sourcing every piece of wood used to build his furniture locally. In addition, trees are not taken down just for the sake of building furniture. Every bit of lumber that comes to the studio is the result of a tree taken down sustainably—by a property owner for safety or other reasons—or naturally—by Mother Nature, herself. For every tree that comes to the studio, Wade plants at least two to replace the downed tree’s gifts to the local community. 

Not only is the wood used to build RWF pieces local, but the product itself is 100% made in Alabama at the RWF Slow Studio. In fact, each piece is made by hand, utilizing age-old wood working skills and tools. This process takes time—years, in fact. Once a downed log is located, it is flitch-cut into organic edge lumber—retaining the sapwood and bark. The bark is then removed by hand with a drawknife. Once the lumber has been prepped by hand, it is stacked to naturally air dry (this is where the years come in), and finally put into a kiln for a heated dry. 

After the wood is dry, wood artist Robin Wade begins to work his magic. He and his studio craftsmen create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, works of art that accentuate the grain, the shape, and the beautiful imperfections that make each piece of wood uniquely gorgeous. Each piece is solid wood, finished with a hand-applied oil, and celebrates Mother Nature’s unique creations. These breathtaking works of art—a timber table, a walnut bench—are heirloom pieces, not disposable mass-market items available at big-box retailers or big-name furniture stores or something clients will find in their neighbors’ living rooms.

With Robin Wade Furniture, you are buying a real, 100% natural product—something created in nature and made into functional furnishings by wood artist Robin Wade. When you purchase a Robin Wade Furniture piece, there is no veneer to mask inferior products, no stain to hide a wood’s natural grain or color, no clear cutting of forests foreign or domestic, no importing to pollute the earth’s waters, no trucking to pollute our air. 

Enjoy perusing Robin Wade Furniture’s sustainable, green, American-made, one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces of art pictured here on our Web site. We hope you will appreciate the natural beauty found here, consider visiting our gallery to see, touch, and feel the pieces, and consider bringing a little piece of Mother Nature’s bounty into your home.