Robin Wade Furniture's lead designer, Robin Wade, doesn't just create beautiful, one-of-a-kind walnut furniture items. When he's not in his woodworking workshop, there's a good chance you'll find him in the kitchen, sampling some of Linda's artworks of the culinary variety!

At Robin Wade Furniture, we believe in using the entire tree -- everything that the tree has to offer and this includes the walnuts! So over the years, Linda Wade has devised and perfected an array of delicious walnut recipes, including desserts, sides and walnut bread recipes, among others!

So whether you're seeking a delicious recipe for walnut bread, roasted walnuts or something a bit different, you're in luck! Robin has agreed to share some of his favorite walnut recipes with the world!

Do you have a great walnut recipe that you'd like to share? If so, let us know!