To date, almost all of our work has been designing / making one of a kind, custom pieces.  We've been asked for years to make reproductions - which i'd very much like to be able to do.  By making 6 or so pieces at a time we should be able to improve efficiency, availability, as well as hopefully pricing. 

But, don't worry!  Every rwf piece that leaves our studio, will be made from the same locally, environmentally sourced hardwoods, with the same attention to detail.  And each piece will continue to be unique and one of a kind - although not custom.

The first of our reproduction pieces will be our Museum stool, Museum step stool & Museum side table.  Others on the drawing board;

"Frank" side table, presently showcased in the Rosenbaum, Frank Lloyd Wright designed reception area.

"Judy Fox" coffee table.  Named after NY designer, after collaborating on this wonderful piece.

Walnut two slab tables - coffee, console, and bench configurations.

And stay tuned, as we progress toward our first reproduction pieces!

By the end of 2014, we are hoping to have available a few reproductions of some of our most popular pieces.  These originals are in homes, galleries, museums or commercial buildings across the U.S.  Below are a few of the tables presently on the drawing board.