In Robin's small slow studio, Robin wears most hats including, design, prototyping, photography, website and social media development, delivery, collaborations and logdog assistant - all of which include

Through much of Robin's life, he has refused most speaking engagements.  That is, up until he was asked to speak at the grand opening of the Museum of Alabama in 2011.  More and more Robin has been asked to speak on his unique vantage on creativity.  Spending his entire life (organically) outside the box, 

Typically speaking engagements include keynote A/V presentations which include video and photos



Speaking engagements on the subject of "creativity"

  • 2011 - Alabama Public Radio - Georgine Clark host
  • 2012 - Snapfish - San Francisco - Annual conference - 
  • 2012 - Featured speaker Mississippi State University School of Architecture
  • 2012 - Museum of Alabama - Grand Opening - guest speaker
  • 2014 - Guest speaker Florence Lauderdale Tourism Center grand opening
  • 2014 - Absolutely Alabama TV - only a four minute segment
  • 2015 - University of North Alabama Art Department - John Waters
  • 2015 - Alabama Public Radio - Elliott Knight


  • November 16, 2016 - AIA North Alabama Awards Banquet