We found year's ago, that the best way to get the most (aesthetically) from a log, is to mill it in house.

walnut-stump-sawmill 4096.jpg

Because in order to create the unique furniture that we want to create, our needs are very specific. Each cut has specific criteria that a commercial sawmill just can't take the time to consider. Even if they could meet our needs and requirements we would need to be there while it was being done.

We decide each time exactly how a log should be flitch sawn (cut with the irregular edges of the log left intact). We often need to cut logs with diameters up to 60" whereas the industry standard for most large sawmills is 36". Or maybe we just want a log cut with the knot turned a certain way.

We are hands-on in the milling process because we have to be. It's the only way we'll get the cuts we want. When we're milling the logs, we're thinking about the table those logs are going to become. The commercial sawmill operator is typically only thinking of making commodity lumber as fast as they can.