I'm with Phil - Phil Campbell

When  Phil Campbell, Alabama was literally flattened by a tornado in 2011, Robin Wade hauled away a downed tree that will eventually become a beautiful piece of furniture which will be auctioned to raise funds to help rebuild the town.

I'm with Phil - Phil Campbell Alabama

During the April 27, 2011 mile-wide tornadoes that ripped through Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and Kentucky, the tiny town of Phil Campbell, Alabama was literally flattened by a killer storm.

Lucky for the rural community, with a popular name but a population of only 1,091 people, it has friends around the world—many of them named Phil Campbell, and one named Robin Wade.

Each year, the Phil Campbells of the world unite in the town for the Phil Campbell Convention, but the 2011 gathering had a philanthropic purpose:  help the town recover from the April 27th tornadoes. And so it was renamed and now known as the "I'm with Phil" campaign. Along with a strong social media push (notable on Facebook) and call for donations and hands to help, the Phil Campbells volunteered their time and skills to Habitat for Humanity.  To date, the campaign has raised more than $40,000 for one Phil Campbell family who lost their home in the tornado and is beginning efforts toward a second Habitat home.

All of this love for such a tiny town that just happens to share its name with many men around the world inspired Robin, who attended the "I'm With Phil" day. At the event, he met the town's mayor and offered to take a tree downed by the storm. From it, he will create a beautiful work of art to be auctioned off to help raise money for the campaign.