Here are RWF, we design and craft one-of-a-kind tables, consoles, desks, and benches from local, environmentally sourced logs in our Florence, Alabama slow studio. But we can also make pieces designed by your imagination. Think beyond just tables and benches—we’ve crafted items such as kitchen islands, kitchen  countertops, custom furniture consoles, slab headboards, full-wall entertainment consoles,  stair treads, dining table benches, and sofa tables, all for clients who had big ideas and shared those ideas with us.

Custom Desk - Sassafras cantilever top w/ walnut base and dimensional joint

Custom Desk - Sassafras cantilever top w/ walnut base and dimensional joint

You don’t have to be a professional designer to craft a custom piece of furniture. We are happy to work with clients who have an idea or a vision, but need help rounding out his or her designs with the details. We can customize your piece in every way: dimensions, natural edges or straight edges, slab thickness and wood species.

In fact, we pride ourselves on our custom furniture. Recently, we completed and installed a twelve-foot-long walnut entertainment console. “We started with a drawing the customer provided,” says wood artist Robin Wade. After refining the design long-distance, the clients decided to travel to the slow studio to hand-pick the pieces of natural-edge walnut that Robin would use to create their furniture. “They joined us for lunch and had a tour of the studio and picked out the natural-edge slabs for their piece,” Robin says. When each massive walnut slab had been sculpted and finished to perfection, Robin and his team laid-out the console in the studio, taking final measurements and checking every detail before wrapping and packing each individual slab for transportation to the clients’ home.

The clients made one request: that the piece be in place for an upcoming football game. Robin and his team traveled to the clients’ home—transporting the carefully packaged pieces— and, in one day, installed the twelve-foot-long, full-wall entertainment center. “As we left,” Robin says, “they were dressed in their team’s orange, ready for the game.”  

No matter your design idea—from slab countertop to armchair to etagere—or your designer status—from homeowner to interior designer to architect—share your furniture dreams with us, and let us help you bring your custom furniture ideas to life!