Contemporary & Natural

RWF makes one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, works of art, that accentuate the grain, the shape, and the beautiful imperfections that make each piece of wood uniquely gorgeous.  

Contemporary & Natural Design

Nature never goes out of style.
— Anon
Natural edge walnut console pair, showcasing spectacular sapwood.  Gallery showing 2010.

Natural edge walnut console pair, showcasing spectacular sapwood.  Gallery showing 2010.

Trying to describe succinctly the RWF style is difficult. Saying that it is a mixture of styles is misleading because that implies a muddle which it certainly isn't. Calling it rustic is problematic because rustic suggests a roughness and a lack of sophistication. Labeling it sleek and modern would obscure its embrace of imperfection.

Resolutely Modern in the classic sense with its simplification of form and its creation of ornament from the structure of the raw material, the prominent place afforded the natural "imperfections" of the pieces reveals instead the intense Contemporary nature of the style. Contemporary because on one hand the furniture has a sleekness, a tight skin, a pure look, but on the other, the natural edges of the lumber and the artistically inspiring cracks and natural apertures are not only maintained but highlighted. 

This combination of clean, modern lines and the natural anarchic forms of the wood is the essence of contemporary style and the idea that this is an untenable contradiction is effaced by the reality of what our artists achieve: bold, sophisticated, clean design proud of its natural beauty and greeting the eye as a seamless whole. This combination of opposites to create a harmonious entity finds its roots in the design process. As Robin says, "Rather than molding our wood to our design ideas, we prefer to listen to and work with each piece of the tree, but at the same time we use Sketch Up for 3D modeling."  The result is classic pieces which won't get dated and which will work beautifully in many different design environments.