Design challenge: Headboard inspired by a slice of blue agate

I do love a challenge.  

But I suppose prior to diving into this one I should have an understanding of the function of a headboard.  I could google it.  Could call any number of my designer friends, look thru architectural digest for some pics.  

But somehow, knowledge can become limiting.  This was my dive this morning.  The doughnuts represent some hollow logs that I dried/kiln dried and have been sitting around for years.  Sliced agate represented by sliced hollow tree might be a fit -somewhere.

I suppose another question might be dimensions.  Is there a rule that headboards should be connected to the frame of a bed?  Should they be touching or attached to a wall?  What if parts of it detached and just orbiting above the bed in 3d space?

Just a few questions on this beautiful Friday morning.

--  Am I losing it?  Does that assume I ever had "it"?

Life is good....  wood is heavy.


Robin Wade