Yesterday's (Apple) WWDC featuring Alabama throughout

WWDC 2015

I've been following Apple's annual WWDC (developers) conference for at least a couple of decades, and have usually been quite thrilled with the amazing creativity that oozes from the world's coolest brand.

The huge question recently has been, can Apple continue this pace without Steve.  It appears they they can.  That is, with Alabama's own Tim Cook at the helm.  

Lots of great new stuff, but Apple Music was the biggee, and appears to be another hugely successful "Think Different" product.

So cool to see:

Alabama's Tim Cook

Alabama's Tim Cook running the show

Showcasing the more great music from North Alabama - Alabama Shakes, as well as

Alabama Shakes

Wonderful music from the best film of the year (my call) SELMA

Selma The Movie

There really is a side of Alabama that surprises almost all that visit.  It's about time we let the secret out of our open minded, super creative bag.
Tim Cook, we are so proud of you.  Don't be a stranger!

Robin Wade