Apple + San Francisco = a bad apple!

Let me clarify.  I really love San Francisco!

Let me clarify.  I really love San Francisco!

I've been playing with, working at, working with, tweaking, and having a blast with typography for way too many decades to admit.  Beginning as a kid in early mid '60s with an opaque project, blasting a typeface i found somewhere onto the wall in the living room, tracing around it and either cutting a screen directly or cutting amberlith or rubylith to make a screen (print).

Apple's design, not just in their products, but in their ads, stores, signage, everything I believe is as close to perfect beautiful, minimal branding as you can get.  Well, that is until I just saw what might be a new Apple typeface on the horizon.

It's ok, but it ain't Helvetica Neue.  If the need is large enough HN Ultra Light is as close to perfection in many situations as you can get (ok, obviously just my opinion here).

This new typeface i just saw is fine.  But it doesn't seem up to Apple's standards.  Not Steve Jobs standards.  I've seen Tim Cook do no wrong while at the helm.  This won't put em outa business by any means, but I hope it's not the beginning of losing their way (from perfection).

Gosh, i don't have time to complain about this.  Back to work. . .

If you have an opinion i'd love to hear.  I'm guessing most couldn't give a rip.

Robin Wade