Levitating desk 2.0

Levitation desk 2.0

We've been slammed all summer - lot's of new and exciting things (and news!!) to share.   I've been taking pics all along, but just haven't yet had a chance to post them.  -  Hopefully soon.  For now, I just had to share this new desk pic.  Brand new residential installation, in another beautiful home designed and built by master designer/architect/builder Phil Kean and his amazing team.

Levitating oak single slab flowing grain desk with Nakashima style center leg support also from the same local oak tree.
Oh, do you see the little sunken rectangle to the left of the chair (top of desk)?  There was a bit of over spalted (some call it rot ;), heartwood in this area.  We made a small organizational area for a pen or two, iphone charging (small crack runs all the way thru) or whatever the customer might want to keep front and center. 

Can't wait to see the professionally shot pics when they are available.

Robin Wade