email "heck". Please call if you didn't receive an immediate reply

If you haven't received a reply to a recent email message you sent us, please take note:

Last week we realized that we weren't receiving email to a couple of our e-addresses.  We've been in contact with an Apple Engineer, but it hasn't yet been resolved.

If you would like to contact us, please use this address:


AND, if you don't receive a super prompt reply, please give us a call:

The problem seems to have affected very few email accounts.  Basically, somehow all "alias" email addresses seem to have dissappeared, along with any email going to them.

Again, so sorry for the confusion.  Please just give us a call.  We do want to hear from you, and as always, will (try to) reply as promptly as we can (if we actually receive the message:).

Robin Wade