Huge Mashup Wednesday.

Every once in a great while you achieve something really special, when seemingly opposite forces collide.  The recipe included a tour of this odd North Alabama furniture maker with, a sawmill demonstration, the sweet smell of sassafras wafting thru the air, a violinist, local businessman Joel Anderson, Lee Sentell, Director of Alabama Tourism, Jay Lamar, Director of Alabama Department of Archives and History Steve Murray, Huntsville's Bart Williams and Hillary Claybourne and other power players from the Bicentennial Commission who arrived from all corners of the state.

We definitely "spruced" up the place.  The only sawdust to be found (inside the studio) was from our most aromatic local sassafras slabs.  -  We sanded a slab that didn't really need sanding, other than for the wonderful fragrance. 

They were greeted with a blue light escort from the town limit by Lexington police chief Augie Hendershot, and Lexington Mayor Tim Collier.  As they arrived we had our Lucas Sawmill milling a huge oak.  And when they ventured into our old Cotton Gin Warehouse, they were greeted with our own (for the moment) amazing violinist, as well as some home-made Alabama blackberry punch.

They all seemed to love just about everything going on up here in North Alabama.  I hope they'll all be back again quite soon.

Robin Wade