1979 Raft Race Song Re-recorded

After catching heck from Kelvin H about the previous Ragae version, we tried again with Amanda and Ukele.  Kelvin, I think this is an improvement (for sure), but I'd still LOVE to hear what you and your buddies can do with it (like you said, add maybe some (or a lotta) "swamp")???. 

Really, wouldn't hurt my feelings to start over with a new 2014 song altogether.

Amanda did great!  But if it's music related, I perfer mine - "local" ;)

This song won first place in the "Best Raft Race Song" competition during raft race 2, 1979, Great Cypress Creek Raft Race, Florence Al. I'd love to see a new song and recording from one of our many talented local artists. If you have thoughts, i'd love to hear!

Oh, I almost forgot.  There's one more verse to this song.  I deleted it, just because I was worried it might be a bit controversial.  Anyone remember how the last verse went??

Robin Wade