Raft Race memorial paddle - Saturday July 19

We've talked about cranking up the Great Cypress Creek Raft Race (from the 80's) for years.

For liability reasons it just can't happen.  

No home made rafts this decade, But I sure think we can paddle our kayak or Canoes and remember and laugh about one of many local's favorite historic events.

saturday July 19, first Saturday of the Handy music fest "around a quarter till 9" my dogs and I will begin the historic 2 hr+ paddle. Any friends that would like to join in would be more than welcome. Bring old pics if u have them. Maybe we can even have some bbq or ? Waiting for us.  

If u "played" any role in the GCCRR of the 80's, if u entered it or one of the crazy events / competitions afterward, if you r sick of your parents talking about it, or if u r hot Saturday July 19 and would like to cool off, I've got one thing to say to u

"come on down" and join in the fun, and help us celebrate one of the areas beautiful natural resources.  

Again- no sponsors, no event; no canons, no Coober Peedy - join me for a memorial paddle down the Great Cypress Creek.



Robin Wade